Officers, Directors, and Board Meetings

Executive Board meetings are open to members and the public

Board meetings in 2021 are: July 9, October 8, and December 10

Board meetings in 2020 were: 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 5 p.m. at the Library, lower level; Friday, April 17, 2020, 9 a.m. at the Library, lower level; Friday, July 17, 2020, held online; September or October, online

2020 through 2021 Officers and Directors of the Friends of the Library (*):

President Darrell Vigh
Vice President Nancy Convenio
Treasurer Donna Young
Secretary Gayle Bodine
Online Sales Director Theresa Mundt
Publicity Director Rodney Richards
Membership Director  Kathy Schrier
Newsletter Coordinator – Kathy
Book Sales Director Betty Kanoc
Liaison to the Board of Trustees Rodney Richards

(*) Subject to change in accordance with the By-Laws.

Note: We miss our active Liaison and mentor Marilyn Jose who has passed. She was an inspiration.