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Announcement: Friends and Hamilton Library Accepting Book and Magazine Donations May 19

Effective May 19, 2021, you can drop off your donations in the blue bins on the side of the Library. They will be emptied regularly. After a long hiatus we are approaching normal operations, but not quite yet.

Look for more announcements.




Friends Board Passes 2021 Budget

The Friends Executive Board has met and its last Minutes are below. The 2021 Budget was also passed, also for your view below. If you have questions or comments please Leave a Reply or Contact Us. 

Re: the Budget, the Friends earn funds to buy Hamilton Library necessities mainly from Large Book Sales. Due to coronavirus restrictions there have not been public sales. Therefore the expected 2021 Income is less and so are Expenses. Many items are being deferred by joint agreement between the Executive Board and Library Management.

Sales will resume when the Library is safe to open, depending on necessary restrictions.

Friends of the Hamilton Township Library

Minutes, General Membership Meeting 10-21-2019

Present: approximately 34 people (sign-in sheet available)

The General Membership meeting was called to order by President Betty Kanoc at 9:39 am.  The minutes from the April 29, 2019 General Membership meeting were presented by Secretary T. Mundt. T. Zingale noted one change that was subsequently removed: the Treasurer does not deposit funds. Seeing no other comments, a motion to accept and file the minutes as corrected was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

The Secretary announced the results of the 2019 election of officers for the 2020-2022 term: Darrell Vigh, President; Nancy Convenio, Vice President; Donna Young, Treasurer; and Gayle Bodine, Secretary.

Treasurer Tony Zingale displayed the financial documents that support the Profit & Loss (P&L) report and the budget report. The Treasurer reviewed the P&L report, thanking Henry Wurfel and Theresa Mundt for their online sales efforts.  He reported that roughly $1000 of interest is expected on the CDs. The equipment line item includes three new computers for the sorting room. The Treasurer explained that the Library Donations line item includes items such as the museum passes,, and eBooks. He offered to be available after the meeting for anyone wanting more details.

The Treasurer explained that, as planned, about $12,000 of savings will be used to fulfill the 2019 budget. He also explained that the Special Sales income line item includes income from Better World Books and Bulk Buyers.  A motion to accept and file the financial reports was made by N. Convenio, seconded by J. Haber, and passed unanimously.

It was announced that the Grounds for Sculpture passes will expire at the end of November and will not be available for renewal.

The Treasurer presented the 2020 budget.  The President explained that the Library Donations line item was reduced through negotiation. The Treasurer noted that this will be the last year for the shelving expense. A motion to accept the 2020 Budget was made by J. Haber, seconded by N. Convenio, and passed unanimously.

The President thanked the outgoing Treasurer for all his hard work and welcomed D. Young as the 2020 Treasurer.  It was announced that Quickbooks will be purchased and the outgoing Treasurer will remain available to assist. 

The President reiterated that the Friends will no longer have a business relationship with Better World Books.  She thanked those members who disburse our unsold and unwanted books, noting that Ellie Mauer has used our unsold books to start a library in her community.

The Membership Chair reported that the organization has 202 members.

Vice President Darrell Vigh discussed the By-Laws, explaining that the pending updates make the document slightly more general while still adhering to Roberts Rules of Order. A question was raised about a quorum, which, for a General Membership meeting, is defined as 10 members, majority rules, with the President breaking a tie.  Citing no further discussion, a motion to accept the By-Laws updates was made by B. Miranda, seconded by J. Haber, and passed unanimously.

The President reported that the framed historical architectural drawing is hanging in the foyer and that the FOTL is in the process of purchasing a plaque. She explained that the Scarecrow contest was enjoyable and that the FOTL used $60 from petty cash toward the purchase of snacks. She also said that the Friends donated books to the Library for distribution at National Night Out and that we will do the same for Octoberfest.  The President noted that the 2020 budget provides for the purchase of new tall book carts for the large book sales and for a new filing cabinet for the daily sales.

M. Jose thanked the FOTL volunteers for all their hard work and noted that the Hamilton FOTL is respected by the State Board of Library Trustees.

The President thanked K. Schreier for designing the flyers and bookmarks and asked that they be distributed. She also thanked D. Vigh and T. Mundt for their support.

It was announced that, beginning in January 2020, book scanners will no longer be permitted on Saturdays of the large book sales, the rational being the interruption to other shoppers and potential fire hazard. M. Goldman asked about enforcing such a rule. D. Vigh encouraged allowing the President, Vice President, or Book Sale Chairperson to enforce.

New ideas were presented, such as using crowd control or implementing a Children’s Day.  The possibility of focusing on a Children’s Sale in an adjoining meeting room will be explored.

Seeing no additional questions, the meeting was concluded at 10:22 am.

Volunteers were then given access to the sorting room and offered early access to Christmas items.

Submitted by Theresa J. Mundt, Secretary


FRIENDS of the LIBRARY INCOME and EXPENSES for the 2021 BUDGET (Dollars)


2020 Budget     (9 Mos)    4th Qtr (Est.)    2021 Budget     Comments
Daily Sales         16,000.00          3,390.80           10,000.00      Upstairs  
Large Sales        24,000.00          3,545.00           15,000.00     Six 3-day Sales
Special Sales        1,000.00          1,302.75             1,000.00     Dealers, Bulk
Internet Sales      5,000.00          8,118.77             5,000.00     eBay
Donations            1,000.00              460.95             1,000.00
Member Dues     1,000.00              990.00             1,000.00
Refunds                     36.11                                                            PayPal
Interest                 1,000.00             960.66              1,000.00     PNC 

INC. TOTALS     49,000.00        18,805.04           34,000.00


Expense Item      (9 Mos)    4th Qtr (Est.)   2021 Budget    2021 Comments
Lib Donations      56,449.48         31,234.21       22,457.71     To Ham Lib
Admin / Gov’t            500.00              140.60             500.00    Corp filing
Equipment              3,000.00              154.49         1,000.00    Carts, files, etc.
Insurance                1,200.00           1,129.95         1,400.00    Policies
Vol. Luncheon        1,000.00           1,500.00
Printing & Postage    500.00              381.00         1,000.00    Newsltrs etc.
Professional Fees   1,000.00              925.00         1,000.00    Acct’g
Program Costs                                                                 0.00
Publicity Costs        1,800.00             616.00          2,000.00   Advertising

Sales Expenses         500.00                                                       Sales, ebay
Oper. Supplies       1,500.00             700.00          1,000.00    Sorting Rm 
Internet Fees            100.00             255.28              250.00
Internet Refunds       79.41              100.00
Internet Purchases  500.00          1,501.74          1,000.00  eBay Ship’g
2021 Sr. Awards       750.00           1,000.00                           NEW for 2020
Other                       1,000.00              179.00         1,000.00  
TOTAL EXPENSES  68,549.48      38,046.68      35,707.71

PROFIT or LOSS   (19,549.48)     (19,241.64)       (1707.71)*   NET LOSS

*Shortfalls to be covered by Investments/Additional advertising for 2021 Sales




Here are pages 1 and 2 of the Winter 2018 Friends Newsletter:

winter 2018 page 1

winter 2018 page 2



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