Book Donations Unacceptable as of November 15, 2020

Due to higher rates of Covid-19, The Friends are unable to process book donations inside the Library, and the Library remains closed to the public. Please hold your books and magazines etc. until we can safely process them again. We and the Library will make announcements.

Thank you for your patience under these trying conditions.

The Friends


Past news:

Although the Library remains closed to public access until announced otherwise, the Friends and the Library have agreed to resume receiving book donations (in good condition only), in the designated BLUE BINS on the side of the Library. You can drive your car up to them to unload.

DO NOT leave books or other items like CDs or DVDs, even if bagged or boxed, if it is raining or inclement weather unless you can place them inside the blue bins or on a cart shelf (if present).

Wet books and items must be thrown away.

The Blue Bins, or on cart shelves if available,  are the only places to drop donations. All donations become the property of the Friends.

Gently used books and other items are processed by the Friends and their sales help pay for Library needs such as computers, programs and materials, shelving, furniture, Museum passes, and more.

Updated posting 9-11-2020

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