New Officers in 2019


Happy New Year to all our Friends. We are honored to continue to support the library. There are changes to our officers and executive board members for 2019.   January is our membership drive so please be sure to join. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us in 2018.

– Ann Wolf, Outgoing President 

 – Betty Kanoc, Incoming President


 We thank Lois Majorowitz and Jerry Iacona for their talent, time and service on the Friends board. We welcome Darrell Vigh and Theresa Mundt as officers to the Friends board.

The officers for 2019 are Betty Kanoc, president; Darrell Vigh, vice-president; Tony Zingale, treasurer; and Theresa Mundt, secretary. Our executive board members are Ann Wolf, Marilyn Jose, Kathy Schreier and Rodney Richards. This is not an election year, rather these are appointments for the remainder of the existing term. Elections will occur as planned in October 2019.

All are welcome to attend the 2019 executive board meetings at 5:00 p.m. on the lower level of the library on the following Tuesday evenings:

January 22nd

April 9th

July 9th

October 8th



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