New Officers for 2020


Happy New Year to all our Friends. We are honored to continue to support the library. There are changes to our officers and executive board members for 2020.   January is our membership drive so please be sure to join. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us in 2019.

– Betty Kanoc, Outgoing President 

 – Darrell Vigh, Incoming President (Term: 2020-2022)


We thank Lois Majorowitz and Jerry Iacona for their talent, time and service on the Friends board. We also thank Anthony Zingale, Theresa Mundt, and Betty Kanoc as past officers.

The officers for 2020 are Darrell Vigh, president; Nancy Convenio, vice-president; Donna Young, treasurer; and Gayle Bodine, secretary. The term of office is through the end of 2021. Other executive board members/Directors are Kathy Schreier, Rodney Richards, Marilyn Jose, and Theresa Mundt. Officer-candidates placed in nomination for the 2020/2021 two-year term were elected before the general membership meeting in October 2019 and announced then. Any member is eligible to serve or place their name in nomination.

The Executive Board oversees the operations of dozens of volunteers, all book sales, and meetings and programs. It approves Library-needed items or materials, maintains good procedures and records, files annual tax information and much more.

Any member of the Friends is welcome to attend the Executive Board meetings with prior notice. Check this site for MEETINGS anouncements to find out when. Currently our meetings are online until the Library reopens. Go the CONTACT US page and email us if you would like to be informed of meetings or have a concern.

Updated posting 9-11-2020

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