Please Do Not Steal Donated Books

Lately, near the back and side door of the Library, where folks drop off their gently used books and other donations to the Friends for resale and reuse, some person or persons has been stealing bags and boxes of materials from the carts they are placed on. The Friends appreciate and value all donations of books and Cds etc made by considerate citizens who know how we work, and it’s important not to steal from the back (or steal at all).

Donations of books and things received in the back in our blue containers and left on our carts are carried into the Friends sorting room inside and processed by Friends volunteers for resale if in decent condition. These books and other items are then put out at our bi-monthly Huge Book Sales for selling. The cash earned from sales is deposited in the Friends account, and periodically the Friends Executive Board meets with the Library Director who has a list of items needed for the Library. The Friends decide which they can pay for and approve the purchases and the Friends are happy to have helped and the Library is ecstatic that they have not had to expend their own very limited funds.

Besides not stealing and helping both the Friends and the Library, it’s important to know that if caught, the person or persons will be prosecuted, for all donations once left, are the property of the recognized Friends of the Hamilton Library, a legitimate 501(c) organization.

If you happen to see a thief or theft, please report it to the Friends or to Library staff.

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