How to Donate Books and Things

Many people ask, “How do I donate my books to the Library, or give back books I’ve read?”

There are two kinds of books and materials: those that belong to the Hamilton Library, and those that do not. Firstly, always follow Library Policies for returning books or materials checked out from the Library. Those are returned at the front desk inside, or in the large, tan, “BOOK RETURN” bins out front.

For books or items that belong to you that you wish to donate, be aware that it’s the Friends of the Library that accept donations of books and items that it later sells to raise $$$ to help pay Library expenses.

The Friends will accept hardcover or softcover books of any size in good condition — no writing inside, no ripped or torn bindings or pages, etc.  We do, however, have a Vintage Book Sale cart that we put out on Sale Days. But please note that the more current the book, chances are it will sell better. We will accept puzzles, games,  and a limited number of special items in good condition. But we are not a flea market nor a yard sale operation.

There are two places/ways to donate your books and items to the Friends: in the big blue bin on the side of the Library where staff park, and there is usually a cart there for boxed or bagged items as well; and on large metal carts by the main doors on the Huge Sales Days sponsored bi-monthly in the Library. The Friends operate the Sale Days, all sales are final, and only cash can be accepted; no checks.

If you want a receipt for your donation, it’s best to donate on a Huge Sale Day and ask an associate to help you.

The Friends thank everyone who has donated or donates items to its inventory; all sale item $$$ collected does go to help the Library pay eligible expenses on a regular basis.



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