Be mesmerized by Ellen Springsteen’s novels!

Join us for a free public program on

October 25th at 7 pm in the Lower Level

(A very short Friends meeting will also proceed)

Meet Sammy Jo Turner as she solves three enticing mysteries in a series of fiction novels by Ellen Springsteen. Sammy Jo first appears as a medical technician working for NYC in Universal Donor, where she uncovers a conspiracy shakedown under suspicious activities.

In the Name of Beauty Sammy has transitioned to a Forensics Lab in the NYPD where she dives into ongoing investigations alone … and under cover.

In Cyber Match Sammy Jo is recruited to assist the NYPD’s Cyber Crime Unit to investigate nefarious online dating sites.

What action and suspense! You will be thrilled and excited to move with Sammy Jo through her clandestine exploits and feel the desire with her to put hardened criminals behind bars.

So avail yourselves of this opportunity to be entranced with a new heroine of unmatched detective proportions!


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