July 28 Program Features Unsung Heroes

Tuesday 7 pm at the Library, The Friends present stories of frontline servicemen in the Afghanistan and Vietnam Wars.

Captain Mark A. Bodrog speaks about his experiences in Afghanistan, and shares exploits of his Marine platoon operating in the infamous Helmond province, stronghold of fanatical Taliban insurgents. The Captain will “immortalize every Marine, serviceman and civilian who sacrificed everything they had to ensure the survival of our great nation, while asking for nothing in return.”

Attendees will gain a deeper appreciation of the Marines and Sailors who served, as vividly described by Captain Bodrog in his book Second Platoon: Call Sign Hades.

Following will be Hamiltonian J. Dennis Papp, author of Fear Was My Only Weapon, will answer the question “Why me, Lord? Why Vietnam?” In his own words he will detail how wonderful his Army service life was at Fort Sill, Oklahoma with his wife by his side, while he was assigned personnel work exempt from KP, guard duty, and “dumb” details. Every promotion applied for he received, until his Spec 5 required one thing he couldn’t believe — the call-up for the December levy for Vietnam.

Join these brave men as they share their tales of extraordinary heroism in the face of devious and implacable enemy fire and mayhem.


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